The ICISE conference centre is your best choice as Vietnam convention centre.

Our experience in international conferences and association meetings has come a long way.

Starting from 2018, the ICISE conference center is open to corporate events and medical conferences also.

We have a wealth of experience in organizing conferences since 1966 with “Les Rencontres de Moriond” conferences, “Les Rencontres de Blois” and “Les Rencontres du Vietnam” ones.
Please read below the list of some recently hosted events and planned ones at the ICISE conference center.


TMEX-2020: Theory meeting experiment: particle astrophysics and cosmology

January 6 – 11, 2020

15th IWA Watershed & River Basin Management Specialist Group Conference

February 9-13, 2020

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Vietnam convention centre

Magnetic Fields in the Universe 7

February 16 – 22, 2020

Climate change in the Asia-Pacific region: from environmental aspects to socio-economic impacts

March 30 – April 3, 2020

Science, Ethics and Human Development

April 8 – 9, 2020

22nd IEEE – NPSS Real Time Conference

April 12-17, 2020.

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Flavour Physics

August 2 – 8, 2020


Search for Life on Early Earth to Exoplanets

March 24-30, 2019
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US-VN Mathematical joint meeting

June 10-13, 2019
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EDS Blois 2019 on elastic and diffractive scattering

June 23-29, 2019
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Plasma School

June 30-July 06, 2019

New Physics with Exotic and Long-Lived Particles: A Joint ICISE-CBPF Workshop

July 01-06, 2019

Mechanobiology, from molecules to tissues

July 07-13, 2019
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Vietnam School on Neutrinos (VSON3)

July 07-19, 2019

First Rencontre du Vietnam on Soft Matter Science

July 14-20, 2019
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25th Vietnam School of Physics: Particles and Cosmology (VSOP 25)

July 22 – August 02, 2019

International conference on medical physics and school

July 29-August 02, 2019
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Three Neutrinos and Beyond

August 4-10, 2019
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7th Vietnam School of Astrohysics (VSOA7) : Planetary Science

August 4-10, 2019


August 11-17, 2019
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2nd VSOE Remote Sensing of inundation, flooding and wetland

September 8-14, 2019

School on Computational Biology for Infectious Diseases (CBID 2019)

September 8-15, 2019

Beyond the Standard Model

September 15-21, 2019
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MCnet Vietnam School on Monte Carlo Event Generators for the LHC

September 15-20, 2019

Perspectives in Hadron Physics

September 22-28, 2019
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